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Do you offer other chain options?

Yes, we carry a variety of different chain options.  You can view our Essential Chain page here.

Can gold make my skin turn green?

You’ve probably heard that gold jewelry can turn skin green or black after prolonged wear. Though very rare, this can occur even when using only high-quality materials. This discoloration is not caused by the pieces themselves, but by a few common ex

What metals do you offer?

The ability to choose your metal is (literally) the foundation of our personalized jewelry. We offer four different metals to choose from; what metal is best for you and your piece is entirely up to you. We only source metals that we are confident ar


All of our stones are genuine and reflect that in their natural variations. If you'd prefer any particular variations (such as larger or daintier, lighter or darker), let us know on your order!  Note: Pieces with opal should never get wet, as they ar

Can I wear your pieces if I have sensitive skin?

Our 14k gold-fill has a thick layer of solid 14k gold over a core of jeweler’s brass, making it ideal for most people with sensitive skin. Though none of our pieces contain common allergens like nickel, it is still possible that you could have a reac

Solid Gold vs. Gold-Fill vs. Gold-Plated

When it comes to deciding what type of gold you want for your piece, it really comes down to two main factors: how much you want to spend, and how long you want your piece to last. Solid gold pieces will last virtually forever, but they are the most

What does "gold-fill" mean?

What is gold-fill?Despite its somewhat misleading name, “gold-fill” jewelry is not actually filled with gold—it’s really the opposite. To make gold-fill jewelry, multiple layers of solid gold are pressure-bonded to a core of high-quality jeweler’s br

What is "sterling silver?"

If you’ve spent some time shopping for jewelry, chances are you’ve seen the term “sterling silver” and wondered what makes a piece “sterling" silver rather than “regular” silver. Silver is a softer metal; on its own, it is generally not ideal for lon

What is solid gold?

Like with gold-fill, the name “solid gold” as actually a bit of a misnomer—not all solid gold is made up of 100% gold. Since gold is a softer metal, it is often mixed into an alloy with other metals like silver and copper to add strength. “Solid gold

What is 14k rose gold-fill?

Rose gold-fill is gold-fill, except that copper is mixed with the alloy to give it its standout rosy hue. In other words, both 14k gold and 14k rose gold contain the same amount of gold—the only difference is the combination of other metals that are

Does your jewelry contain nickel?

None of our pieces contain nickel. We’re extremely mindful of our materials and their sources, and are aware that nickel is a common allergen. Most of our pieces are available in 14k gold-fill, 14k rose gold-fill, sterling silver (also known as 925 s

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