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Handwriting Pieces

Our Handwriting Necklace/Bracelet is a unique piece with a few unique ordering instructions. First, check out the guidelines for submitting your handwriting sample: Use dark ink or pencil Sample text should have minimal shadows Submitted samples mus

Can I add a pendant or tag to an existing piece?

Absolutely!  You can purchase our pendants on our Extras & Add Ons page.

Can you stamp in foreign languages or using foreign alphabets?

Most of our pieces are handmade using metal-die stamps, and we can stamp your piece in any language that uses the Latin alphabet. Though we don’t have any stamps for non-Latin alphabets, we are able to do engravings for any language. (Check out our

What's the difference between stamping and engraving?

Essentially, stamped pieces are handmade and engraved pieces are made by machine -- but it's worth delving in a little deeper to get a better understanding of which might be the right choice for your piece. When your piece is stamped, each letter is

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